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Government of India an announced covid-19 tracker app and ministry of Electronics and information technology was working on app name for Kavach on the other hand National Informatics Centre has officially released coronavirus is under Ministry of Electronics and information

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covid-19 virus symptoms day by day

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Covid-19 virus symptoms day by day:- The whole world is plagued by epidemics to day. The world is completely demoralized today only one for the Chinese virus.  When nature operates the  life system, nature is seen in a very beautiful form, but when it comes to living nature , a very terrifying form of nature is seen today.

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Is Religion Bigger Then The Country ?

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Is Religion Bigger Then The Country ? This is a fantastic question For people who are labeled as “religious conservatives”, generally, religion is bigger than country. Likewise for people who are called as “nationalists”, the country is bigger than the religion. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter at all. The concept of a country is no different from that of a religion at all! The only differentiating factor is this concept of “God” in religion, which makes some people claim “Oh the country is a mere piece of land, but the God is the supreme being”, so religion should be bigger than country! But set aside this human-invented concept of “God”, then religion are country are very much the same.

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